Seal Coating & Crack Repair Services in Bangor, Maine

As you know, driveway and road maintenance can be one of the biggest outdoor expenses you face as an individual or as a business.  Wilson’s can help protect that investment.  We are the contractor of choice for your pavement repair needs.  We offer full service crack filling, crack sealing, seal coating, and line striping.  Crack filling/sealing is a proven, cost effective method of prolonging the lifespan of pavement and greatly reducing the frequency of expensive paving projects.

Driveway & Pavement Crack Filling

Protect your pavement investment by extending its life and prevent future damage with our professional crack filling services. Our team thoroughly cleans and dries the areas, then applies a rubber sealant to seal and protect from moisture and water penetration.

Seal Coating

Seal coating is used to protect new and weathered pavement for beauty and durability.  Proper seal coating will delay and many times prevent deterioration of driveways and parking lots.

Parking Lot Line Painting

Line painting not only creates a quality impression but is a crucial element to ensuring safety for both pedestrian and vehicle traffic.  Our professional team is equipped and ready to provide line striping services for your parking lots, roadways, and warehouses.   Our services include numbering, lettering, layout planning, specialty needs, and all ADA regulations.